The Bamboo Playhouse

The Bamboo Playhouse is a public pavilion located in Kuala Lumpur’s oldest and arguably, most picturesque park – the Perdana Botanical Gardens (Taman Tasik Perdana). The pavilion itself is situated on a small island in a large lake that stretches through the centre of the park. The use of bamboo in contemporary buildings is very rare in Malaysia and this building explores its potential as a sustainable building material.

Eleena Jamil – whose past projects include a house a with horse shoe-shaped courtyard – designed The Bamboo Playhouse for the Perdana Botanical Gardens, a 92-hectare park in the centre of the city. The structure is based on traditional Malaysian pavilions and is primarily used as a playground, but also for events, exhibitions and performances.

Inspiration for the playhouse stems from traditional vernacular structures called the ‘wakaf’ which are originally found in villages or ‘kampungs’

Here, the playhouse can be described as a series of ‘wakafs’ grouped together to form an animated and playful bamboo structure that blends harmoniously with the beautiful greenery of the botanical garden.The pavilion consists of thirty-one identical square decks set at various, seemingly random heights, creating a playful three-dimensional floorscape.

The project was commissioned by the Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur to Eleena Jamil Architect, an architecture firm that focuses a lot on mixing our local aesthetics with modern architecture.

The Bamboo Playhouse is already completed and opened to public, so if you want to catch a glimpse of it, do drop by the Perdana Botanical Garden.

Source : Elena Jamil , Masses, Dezeen