About Kaio Studio

Founded in the late 2012, Kaio Studio is a multi-disciplinary design team, specializing in cinematography and photography. Our philosophy is to give each client a unique and memorable stills & motions.

Registered under KAIO STUDIO AND PRODUCTION SDN BHD (1195454-K)

Our work focuses on the beauty, simplicity, and functionality of the art of cinematography and photography. We believe that every videos and photos are integral to commercial success. Bad design or portfolio can destroy and poison even the best product or idea.

What We Do?

  • Short Film
  • Music Video
  • Wedding Film
  • Corporate
  • Commercial
  • Event Coverages

Good or well design is part of the communication, and communication is the bridge between a brand and the people. Good design not only promotes, but legitimizes, and solidifies business between brand and the people.

Our Team

  • Anwar Abdullah

    Anwar Abdullah

    CEO & Creative Director

  • Anwar Abdullah

    Aishah Alhabshi

    Admin & Account Executive

  • Anwar Abdullah

    Mohamad Shazlan

    Operation Executive & Photographer

  • Anwar Abdullah

    Fariq Azim

    Videographer & editor

  • Anwar Abdullah

    Nizar Faez

    Photographer & Editor

  • Anwar Abdullah

    Muhammad Azri

    Graphics Designer & Photographer

  • Anwar Abdullah

    Haza Nadia

    Admin Assistant

  • Anwar Abdullah

    Rushilla Sonia

    Videographer & Editor